Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Valentines!!!!

so so sleepy

This valentines weekend we took the kidos to Disney world and had so much fun. We bought this timeshare vacation package 3 years ago and finally used it. When we got to florida we checked into our hotel. We should've known something was up when we got there and there were only 4 other cars in the parking lot. When we got to our room I was dumbfounded. How could they book us in this rathole. I'm using nice language here. Is was disgusting. There were bloody fingerprints on the doors cobwebs on the walls, it was so bad. I immediately called up Ramada that we booked our vaca through and blew up. Lets just say they checked us out of there and put us in a different hotel. Still not the best but we could handle it for a week. Anyways it was unbelievabley cold in orlando but so fun. We went to seaworld, animal kingdom the beach and of course magic kingdom. So funny so when we were at cocoa beach kam was playing in the water and the wave came up and took kam down poor thing she was so cold but you couldn't help but laugh. (what a horrible mom I am). Kam is in love with cinderella so we had to see her she was so excited the whole time we were in line she kept saying leela leela while smiling and jumping and as soon as she saw she almost started crying. She is so shy is cracks me up. For Valentines Dal sent me flowers to our hotel. They were so pretty I was so sad when the airline wouldn't let me bring them home. We bought mickey and minnie ears for the kids and all we heard all day was oh how cute. Brady fell asleep with his on and it was priceless.