Monday, November 23, 2009

Kammers giving her blanket a bath

After the haircut. and yes his hair is turning red

Before the Haircut

something is messed up with my parents comp so all the pics are at the top. DONT ASK!!!
So bear with me this is going to be a long post. So I've just been really lazy lately hence the reason for no posts also i don't have internet so that makes it hard. Well things have been going really good in the dorton home. We are all happy and relatively healthy minus the colds going around that each of us have managed to catch. Kamdyn and Brady are getting so big. Kamdyn is now talking a lot more. I was worried there for a little bit cause she wouldn't say anything. Brady is growing so fast I wish he would stay small but its not going to happen. Dallas is doing great in the insurance business. He is such a great provider for us. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father. He adores the kids and so do I. Last week I gave Brady his first haircut. It was sad but much needed. He looks like a little man now. Kamdyn is in the process of being potty trained, she is doing really well with it. I'm not ready to take the diaper off though cause i can just imagine the messes i'd have to clean up.
Halloween was so fun this year Kamdyn was a garden fairy and Brady a bumblebee. We went trick-or-treating with them and Kamdyn loved it. I think most of her candy was gone before we got home. She wanted to eat it as she got it.
Our house is still for sale with no offers yet. Keeping my fingers crossed though. It would be nice to get out before christmas but I dont see that happening. Maybe in January.
Well hope everyone has a great thanksgiving and eats alot.
And just for the record I'm totally team jacob!!!!