Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh the joys of being a parent!!!

So late last night around 2 am poor kamdyn woke up in tears. Not knowing what was wrong with her and (seeing how she is teething) i just figured she was up cause her gums hurt. So i go into her room pick her up and begin to rock her while Dallas runs down stairs to get some motrin for her. Well sure enough as soon as we give her the motrin she throws up all over me. Now I have had my fair share of baby puke on me from her reflux but nothing like this. Oh it was horrible. It was everywhere! Dallas grabs her and runs to the bathroom as she continuously throws up down the hallway. Oh the joys of being a parent. I have to say how grateful I am for Dallas. I went and got in the shower with kamdyn, and Dallas with a big smile on his face (not) went and cleaned up all the throwup. Oh how I love him. I wouldn't have made it if i had to clean it up right now. I almost lost it when it got on me. What a trooper he is.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gosh i can't believe how time flies. This year has gone go fast, Kamdyn is now one and we had a really fun party for her with all our family there. She was spoiled rotten with tons of clothes and toys. Dallas also surprised her with her first kitten. I guess its name is Kitty. How original huh!!!

A few weeks ago my friend Brittany and I took our daughters to Thanksgiving Pt to the petting zoo that they have. The kids had so much fun on the hay ride and feeding all the animals. She's walking everywhere and is starting to talk. She says mama and dada and can tell you what a cow and chicken say. It's so much fun having her around.
Also i've made it to 30 weeks and all is well with baby brady. He's kicking and moving around like crazy now. We can finally start counting down the weeks.