Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alot has been going to this past month and its been crazy. Easter was a lot of fun we spent the day with my family. My sister and her fam came into town for the week and it was fun seeing them, lindsay helped my make a easter dress for Kamdyn and I'm thrilled to say its so cute. I'm very proud of myself. We went to vegas with dallas's familly for spring break and had a blast it was so warm and kamdyn loved the pool. Dallas had his 26th birthday yesterday and we celebrated by going to lunch with his family and then going to a movie later that day. I was going to go surprise him at work but he took the keys to my car so i was stuck at home till he got back.

This past sunday we had to take kamdyn to the ER. She has been sick for the past couple of weeks and just wasn't getting better. Sunday at church i went to change her diaper and it was full of blood, so i started freaking out, grabbed dallas and left to the dr's. She is doing alot better now, she has bronciolitis which is causing her to have severe diarhea and is throwing up alot which is causing her to bleed. YUCK!!! But she's doing great now. So other then that nothing else is going on, just working and enjoying life. i'll post some pictures later i don't have my camera with me sorry.