Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I hope everybody had a great christmas. We had alot of fun this year. Dallas surprised me with a sewing machine and some clothes. I've been wanting to become more domesticated and what better way then to sew. Dallas got a new scotty cameron putter,and some clothes. Kamdyn on the other hand got more then she could've imagined. It helps to have grandparents so close. She got her first cabbage patch doll that surprisingly she loves it, she got a leap frog play table that plays in english and spanish. Dall is worried that she's going to become fluent and start yelling at us in spanish and we wont know what she is saying. And she just got lots and lots of clothes and toys. Santa was very nice to her this year.

On her 7 month birthday she cut her first tooth. Its the bottom left one. Its so cute when she smiles you can see this tiny little tooth. Kamdyn is growing up so fast and we just love her. Well we hope everyones holidays have been great and enjoy the rest of the year.

We also learned Kamdyn doesn't like waking up to madness. She needs her coffee in the morning!!


Brittany and Rob said...

Kaydence is the same way! Watch out if she gets woken up before she's ready! Yikes!

Ryan & Tiff said...

She is so stinking cute!! And so photogenic even when shes angry!

Richard Keele said...

I love the slid show, your kid and Hailey are super cute.