Wednesday, September 17, 2008


so sorry its been so long since i've last posted. I get a funny feeling i'm posting for my own satisfaction. I guess whether people read this or not i'm keeping my own personal journal so i can go back and read this later in life. RIGHT? Anyways for anyone who does read this not much has been going on this past month. Hence the reason for not blogging. Lets see pretty much all that has happened is Dallas went on a 4 day golf trip down to Grand Junction CO with his dad and some guys. He had a lot of fun so i'm glad he got the chance to get out and do his male bonding. Then the week after Dallas' friend Jared and his fiancee Cathy came down from Oregon to hangout and golf. So it was another week of golfing. YEAH for us golfers huh!!!! So now that Dallas has had his month long fun I'm needing some input on where I should go on vacation. I'm going to drag dallas on a vaca somewhere but don't know where. It can't have a golf course within at least 100 miles of it. Thats my only rule.

Kamdyn is growing like crazy, my mom got the baby walker out of storage for kamdyn and I can't believe that she knows how to use it. The kid isn't even 4 months old yet and she thinks she needs to walk. Whats wrong with this picture. Either she is a baby genius or i'm just in trouble. Oh and I'm wanting to redo my kitchen I'm wanting to restain my cupboards a dark brown and put up a backsplash throughout. What do you think.

sorry i don't have any pics to put up. I've been horrible lately I don't know if its pure laziness or what. I promise i'll put some up


Kris said...

LOL LOL men and their golfing! Good luck finding a place without it. HA!
Well if I could see your kitchen I might lend an idea or 2 but....can't if there are no pictures LOL.
I am blogging to keep a record of things too. I enjoy it but then I'm always taking pictures of things.
You all take care...give Kamdyn a hug from gr-Auntie Kris

Justin and Camille Gorder said...

Ya- we need pics of the kitchen to help! Anyways what about up to Jackson Hole? shop, river raft (although you better go soon if you want to do that), I heard there's some good shows too?

PS- I tag you with an all about your hubby post... so see mine for the details!

Bench said...

Well Cous you are totally welcome to our place, well I still have not talked to Erika but I am sure she will not mind. And the golf course here in town is in the middle of being redone so you don't have to worry about that!!
But there is one up the road about 30 mins!! Sorry!