Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Fun

Sorry it's been awhile I lost my camera cord but found it. YEAH!!!! We've had so much fun with Kamdyn she's gotten so much better with not throwing up just whiney. She's smiling and cooing and its just so fun. Here are a few pictures of some things she's done this summer

Go out with mom and dad

Dressed up like a bunny

And my favorite...I watched fireworks

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so we just got kamdyns pictures back that we took. they turned out adorable.

Dorton family update

So our little Kamdyn is now 7 wks old. She's getting so big! She still has reflux and is spitting up everywhere but everyday gives us hope that it will soon pass. We weighed her the other day and she is now roughly 9 lbs and 22.5 inches long. She's so cute. I've started back to work and its not so bad, its kinda nice having an out. I'm only working 12 hours a week, It gives me a little break from constant crying (although she is getting better at not crying). Dallas's job is going great he is such a good dad and husband I couldn't ask for more. He qualified for the state ameteur golf tournament so we're so excited for him. Maybe one day he'll go pro and make us millions.